Saturday, July 2, 2011



INGREDIENTS:   ( serves  4 )

1  skewer  store- bought  kofta kabab
1  skewer  store- bought  shish  tawook
1  skewer  store- bought  lamb  kebab
150  g tomato wedges
120  g shallots
120  g green capsicum
Olive oil
40  g tomato, finely chopped
50  g onion, sliced
40  g parsley, finely chopped
1  tsp chilli paste
1/2 tsp cumin powder
10  ml pomegranate molasses
Salt and white pepper
3  medium- sized pitta breads
2  g dry mint powder
30  g onion, finely chopped
30  g parsley leaves, whole
30  g mint leaves, whole
1/2  tsp sumac  powder

  • Grill all the meat skewers. Put the tomato wedges, shallots and capsicum on the skewers, brush them with some oil then grill them for the garnish. Keep warm.
  • Mix the chopped tomato, onion, parsley, chilli paste, olive oil, cumin powder, pomegranate molasses, some salt and white pepper together for the bread filling. Take 2 pitta breads, add a sprinkle of dry mint powder on one of them.
  • Fill the second bread with the tomato mixture and grill it. Cut it into six pieces for the garnish. Combine the parsley leaves together with the sliced onion and then mix together with sumac powder.
  • Split the remaining pitta bread into 2. Place one piece on a serving plate and then put the grilled kebabs on it. Add some of the parsley and onion mixture as a garnish on the side as well as on the grillled tomato, shallots and capsicum. Finally, add the grilled stuffed bread on top. Garnish with whole mint leaves.
TIPS : Serve this dish with a dip or 2 ( e.g hummus or labneh with mint) served room temperature to allow their flavour to surface and complement the grilled meat, as well as pickled turnips, cucumbers, and peppers.

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