Tuesday, June 28, 2011



INGREDIENTS:   ( serves  4 )

100 gms shrimps
50  gms  each, cubed squids, hammour and red snapper
10  gms  each, chopped garlic and shallots
2  tbsp  lemon juice
2  capsicum, halved lengthwise and deseeded
3  mussels
20  ml  olive oil
2  tbsp parmesan cheese
2  tbsp  butter
100 gms tomato sauce
150  gms  risotto rice
Salt, to taste
Mixed  herbs, as desired

  • Heat 10 ml oil in a saucepan and saute garlic and shallots for 1-2 minutes.
  • Add all the seafood and toss well. Add lemon juice and herbs and cook till done.
  • Sieve the sauce into another pan and reserve .To prepare risotto rice, heat remaining oil and saute rice very lightly. Add reserved sauce in a ratio of 3:1 ( liquid to rice ).
  • Boil without stirring. when done, add cheese and butter and two drops of lemon juice. Season to taste and keep aside to cool.
  • Brush capsicum with little oil and grill till almost tender. Remove and stuff it with risotto rice.
  • To serve, place capsicum on the centre of a plate and surround it with seafood and tomato sauce.

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