Tuesday, June 28, 2011




6oo  gms  fresh water fish or any other flat fish
1  tsp  lemon juice
50  gms finely sliced spring onion
30  gms chives
10  gms chopped coriander
5  gms  chopped mint
5  gms  coriander powder
3  gms  garam masala powder
3  gms  cumin powder
1  gm  carom seeds ( ajwain )
3  gms red chilli powder
2   green chillies, chopped
Salt, to taste


  • Clean thefish, remove scales and excess bone from the head.
  • Make a slit lengthwise on one side of the fish.
  • Rub salt and lemon juice all over the fish. Mix together all the powdered  spices and carom seeds and rub all over the fish.
  • Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Mix spring onion, chives, coriander and mint and stuff fish with it.
  • Heat  water in a steamer under the level of the perforated pot and bring to a boil. Place fish in the perforated pot, close tightly and cook on medium-high heat for 40- 50 minutes. Serve .
NOTE - Serve with steamed rice.

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